Saturday, February 7, 2009

Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week

This week I will be sharing different facts, websites, blogs and personal stories for Congenital Heart Defect Awareness week.

So first I will share 7 reasons why I am happy to be a CHD mom!

#1 of course is this little guy right here!

#2 I am learning that God is totally and control, so maybe I should not be such a control FREAK! God is so good and has brought Jameson so far.

#3 I want to help those in similar situations.

#4 I have been amazed at the out pour of love and support people can give. People we don't even know pray for Jameson every day.

#5 I know so much more about CHD...(statistics to come and they are baffling).

#6 I have met so many people that have become so special to our family. The doctors, nurses, staff, other CHD families, and the people from church that came to pray over Jameson during his hospital stays.

#7 I am able to witness the incredible strength Jameson has to fight through this. God has weaved him in such a way that he has this drive to face his giants. I also see the strength of the other kiddos we see at the hospital functions, they are alive and fighting.

I will end with this website, the CHD blog, please make sure to read the poem "My Son," and Mackenzie's story (told throught the eyes of the big sister and the baby's name is Jameson, but she is a girl). Also, "It's better when you work together" gives alot of information about HLHS, and where we are now in treating it.


  1. Hey Laura-Marie! Would you mind if I added a link on my blog to your blog and the CHD blog? It will simply say prayer and praise for Jameson Finley? You have a precious little guy and we would love to support in any way we can... prayer being number one of course. :) All our love sister.

  2. To Todd, Laura-Marie, Emma and Jameson,
    God bless you today and always! Jameson has
    been on our prayer list ever since before he
    was born, and he will remain there until the
    Drs. say he is WELL. You all are included in
    the prayers, for you are right in there with
    him through it all with love, support and care.
    These new pictures are so sweet. We treasure
    every one. Evelyn and Clifton McGee

  3. My word, that boy is so adorable, how do you not eat him up??

  4. We have some friend's whose baby has the same issue but on the right. He is 3 and doing so well.