Sunday, April 26, 2009

Video of Jameson Walking

I think I counted 17 steps...he's making tremendous progress. He knows that as soon as he sees the skittles, it's time to walk!!!

Cardiology Appointment

Jameson had a heart appt thursday and everything went great...sats at 83, ekg great, echo great...probably his best appointment in my opinion, just because his sats were so great and he was very cooperative with everyone...goldfish were my secret that day.

Now we are going to start going every 6 months. I told Dr. Laird that next appt we would possibly be addressing the "dreaded" third surgery, BUT, she pretty much confirmed that unless Jameson shows us otherwise, that we will wait until he is 4 for that one...what a relief!!! So that's a major praise in my book!!! Thank you for your continued prayers! As Mi Mi stated, more time to pray for Jameson's complete healing! Amen to that one!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Big News

I'm debating on how to relay this message, so since it is such awesome news, I will give you the long version...after all I have been waiting 20 months for this.

As you all know Jameson started physical therapy last week...he has been doing so well since the first day (prayers answered). I started working out about 3 weeks ago, once I felt comfortable that RSV and Flu season was waining. The sweetest lady from the childcare has worked with kiddos and walking before, so she will take Jameson and work with him while I work out. Today BEFORE working out, she showed me how he will take steps with her hovering over him with her hands right beside him. He doesn't hold on, he just likes the security of knowing she is there. Of course I was so excited and had the BEST workout today, 968 calories burned, but who's counting...ha (just had to throw that in). AFTER working out, and before J saw I was there, she showed me the progress he made during my workout....12+ steps, no help, no nothing, just walking toward her...and I even lost count cause I was jumping up and down and had tears flowing from my eyes, so really he may have taken more. Of course he sees me, and down he goes to his little bottom and scoots right up to me and holds his hands up...if that isn't seeing God work, then I don't know what is. Thank you Lord, and thank you to those who have been prayer warriors for Jameson.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter to all!!! What a great weekend our family has had. Friday we went to church for an extraordinary service and the Lord's Supper. Today we woke early to attend the 8 am service...I must say I am so very thankful for our church. Chuck Swindoll is such a powerful speaker, I have learned so much from him. Also, the people from our church have been so kind and helpful since we have had Jameson...I could just go on and on, we are so blessed.

Here are my precious angels in their matching Easter outfits.
Posing with the bunny ears.

I really thought this was hilarious. Poor Maddie reminds me of the dog on "the Grinch." He wore fake antlers so he would look like a reindeer...remember that? LOL

Jameson didn't do much hunting, but he did get a few and open them up. The Reese's eggs were by far his favorite.

Emma showing off her basket of eggs.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Starting Therapy

Today Jameson started physical therapy at Our Children's House at Baylor. He was literally blue in the face he hated it so much. The evaluation showed us that he is weak in his left leg. She seemed positive that since he is using his left hand good that it is not a neurological issue (a fear of mine since he had 3 seizures after his 1st surgery). He is very reluctant to use his left leg so she does want us to go see an orthopaedic specialist to rule out any bone, joint or muscle issues. Next week we are scheduled to start attending 30 minute sessions twice a week. It was very hard on both Jameson and me today. He didn't want her touching him, and she says she thinks it's a trust issue since he associates people in scrubs with pain. It just tears my heart apart that he is so frightened and untrusting. Please pray that 1) he will start to trust this therapist so that she can help him learn to walk. 2) He will allow me to work with him at home, he is so hard headed about this. 3) That there is no underlying cause as to why he doesn't like to use his left leg.

Two more prayer requests--Jameson has a runny nose and cough and it is making him miserable, so please pray for that to clear up. AND...there has been an outbreak of scabies at Emma's school and at the gym childcare where Jameson goes while I work out...I am FREAKING out because anyone who knows me knows I really HATE please pray that neither one of my children contract these yucky bugs!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Last night at bath time, Jameson was definitely getting a bit grouchy and ready for bed. After listening to a lot of crying, Emma looked at me and said, "If I was his momma, I would give him a spankin right now." She looked at me with wide eyes and arched eyebrows. I said, "Would you really?" Then she said, "And I am so glad I am not his momma, cause I would not want to have to take care of him." I just laughed...wonder where she got that?