Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nothing Short of a Miracle

Isn't it amazing how God is such a good window opener, especially when we really need some fresh air? Today we were able to meet a very special young girl, with a particularly special story. This young girl, Maribeth, was born 24 years ago, with...hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Her parents were told they could take her home or keep her at the hospital, where she would probably pass in the next 10 days. They chose to bring her home, where she was showered with lots of love from family members coming in from around Texas to meet her. Her aunt went to her school library and checked out every book on heart defects, remember, this was before the Internet. By the absolute GRACE of GOD she stumbled upon an experimental procedure being performed in Philadelphia, that could possibly, a 20% chance that was, save Maribeth's life. Her parents talked to some doctors and agreed that if she made it through the night (day 9) they would go for it. The next morning Maribeth was Care-flighted up to Philadelphia to have the Norwood procedure performed by Dr. Norwood himself. There she stayed for 5 weeks after the surgery. A year and months later, back to Philadelphia they went for surgery number 2. In surgery number 2 they performed what they now break down into surgeries 2 and 3. So after 2 open heart surgeries, a high school graduation, and a college graduation, this 4th grade teacher is a healthy, beautiful, Christ-loving girl, with the same heart that she was born with. What an unbelievable testament to the healing hand of our Lord. Every detail has Jesus written all OVER it! We've been told that it is a big deal for HLHS kids to make it to the age of 5. After meeting this sweet 24 year old girl, we refuse to focus on these depressing statistics, but will put our faith in the ONE TRUE HEALER! Emma, Maribeth, and Jameson
Hopefully we will get to meet her parents soon, I would love to pick their brain!