Thursday, March 26, 2009

An Emma Funny

Yesterday morning I am doing Emma's hair for school. She said, "I can't wait to get a wedding ring in a beautiful box," Cinderella-like as always, "you know when your husband gets on one knee with that pretty box that has a ring in it, I can't wait for that box." I asked her if she wanted the big beautiful diamond ring or the pretty box it comes in. She said, "the box," and blinked a few times after that. I was amazed that her little mind thinks like that, that the box is so neat to her. I showed her my pretty box and I could tell she REALLY wanted it. Of course if I gave it to her, it would go straight up to the playroom with all of the other gillions of treasure boxes, so I told her she had to wait for that special man to grant her that wish. I have a feeling that on that day she won't be so worried about that pretty little box anymore, more like what's inside!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Washington DC

On the 6th of March, Todd, Emma and I traveled to Washington DC, Hershey PA, and Baltimore MD. We went to Arlington Cemetery (my favorite cause it was the one place I hadn't been), Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, WWII Memorial, the White House (Emma's fave), Museums of Natural History and Aerospace, and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. After 2 days of sightseeing in DC, we went back to Owings Mills where we used to live. It was so weird because nothing had changed. Then we drove to Hershey PA for a tour of Chocolate World, we stayed in Hershey a couple of days as well. Finally we ended up at the Aquarium at the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, then back to Dallas! It was a great time for us to have some one on one with Emma, something that hasn't happened since Jameson came along, and revisit our old stomping grounds.
Emma by submarine at Inner Harbor of Baltimore. This will only let me upload 1 pic at a time, so my apologies that I don't have the patience to upload more!!!