Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Snow White and Happy

Finally, our Halloween pictures...
Our theme this year was "Snow White," since Emma would be able to have her very own personal dwarf, Happy. As "Happy" as ever!

Learning the Tricks of Treating!

After our church Fall Festival, he was still so "Happy," even though it was very late!

This one.... a little more "Grumpy!"

The two after trick-or-treating at Todd's work.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nothing Short of a Miracle

Isn't it amazing how God is such a good window opener, especially when we really need some fresh air? Today we were able to meet a very special young girl, with a particularly special story. This young girl, Maribeth, was born 24 years ago, with...hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Her parents were told they could take her home or keep her at the hospital, where she would probably pass in the next 10 days. They chose to bring her home, where she was showered with lots of love from family members coming in from around Texas to meet her. Her aunt went to her school library and checked out every book on heart defects, remember, this was before the Internet. By the absolute GRACE of GOD she stumbled upon an experimental procedure being performed in Philadelphia, that could possibly, a 20% chance that was, save Maribeth's life. Her parents talked to some doctors and agreed that if she made it through the night (day 9) they would go for it. The next morning Maribeth was Care-flighted up to Philadelphia to have the Norwood procedure performed by Dr. Norwood himself. There she stayed for 5 weeks after the surgery. A year and months later, back to Philadelphia they went for surgery number 2. In surgery number 2 they performed what they now break down into surgeries 2 and 3. So after 2 open heart surgeries, a high school graduation, and a college graduation, this 4th grade teacher is a healthy, beautiful, Christ-loving girl, with the same heart that she was born with. What an unbelievable testament to the healing hand of our Lord. Every detail has Jesus written all OVER it! We've been told that it is a big deal for HLHS kids to make it to the age of 5. After meeting this sweet 24 year old girl, we refuse to focus on these depressing statistics, but will put our faith in the ONE TRUE HEALER! Emma, Maribeth, and Jameson
Hopefully we will get to meet her parents soon, I would love to pick their brain!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jameson's "little mommy"

This evening Emma and Jameson were laying in our bed. Jameson was laying on top of Emma and she was singing "Rock-a-bye Baby" and "Jesus Loves Me." I caught it all on my camera video, but after 2 days of trying to upload it to the blog, I have finally given up. It was so precious, giving me that overwhelming feeling of love for my children. I guess the pictures will suffice, although they do not allow you to hear the angelic little voice, nor see her tickling his back like a little mommy. This not-so-cuddley little guy laid in her arms for more than 5 minutes!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Grader!

So I'm 2 1/2 weeks behind, better late than never! Here are some pictures of Emma's first day of First GRADE!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


So I taught Jameson to say "two" when anyone asks him how old he is, his response now is "deu" and he holds one finger up. Super cute, I'll have to post a video of it. Here are some pictures of Jameson's "deu" birthday celebrations.

This pic is from the day of his birthday, he wasn't so cooperative, but he looks so GQ!
Maybe he wasn't so cooperative because he had to have lunch at the American Girl Bistro?

The day of his party, posing in a birthday gift sent from a fellow heart friend, baby Chase.

Emma and cousins Macey and Tucker having fun times in the pool.

Cousin Cambridge helping Jameson open his birthday gifts.

Eating his Thomas the Train cake, yum!
Opening more gifts.
Jameson's first Jack Hammer! So Cute!
Jameson's gift from Mommy, Daddy and Emma. Special thanks to Uncle Jerrod and Paw for their help!
Party number 2, playing basketball with Jack and Skylar.
Eating cake number 2, I guess he'll get 3 cakes next year!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Our Summer in a Nutshell

We had such a fantastic summer! It was so busy that I never even had time to post anything on here! So I will give you a short and sweet look at what all we had going on. Lots of swimming, fun vacations and quality family time.
Jameson and Cousin McCall doing what they love best, playing with cars!
We took crazy pictures because I don't have many of J and me.
We had a fun trip to Sunray with Cousin Tucker

We got the courage to start going down the BIG slides!

We decided we really like dolls, but this is Emma's. No we didn't get him his very own, although his Mar Mar was super tempted. Jameson was pointing to baby Jameson's nose...we also learned where the mouth, eyes and ears are.

We had a fun outing at Hawaiian Falls with the Heart Support Group
Jameson and Gracie (same heart defect, just on the right side)

We ate lots of cookies and junk food!

We had a first trip to Chuckie Cheese!

....and fun times with our friend Sam!

Also, but no pictures, a fun trip to Great Wolf Lodge, Fun times with Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents. In a nutshell, it was action packed and CRAZY!!!

And, for the next post, a second birthday celebration, 2 of them!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Beautiful Dolls

Finally, here are the pictures from Emma's dance recital. These "Beautiful Dolls," (the tap song they danced to), were so precious and they all performed so well! Here is the class before going on stage. Emma is on the far left.

Another pose. Emma back row, 2nd from left. Proud Daddy posing with his "star."
Proud Mommy posing with her favorite performer.

And she even got a trophy! If you could have seen the look in Emma's eyes when she received it...that was the highlight of her day!

And of course it wouldn't be complete without flowers for our dancer!

As for next year, not so sure about that...beside the recital, we aren't so fond of dance class. Hopefully she'll reconsider because it was so precious and we were so proud!