Sunday, August 30, 2009


So I taught Jameson to say "two" when anyone asks him how old he is, his response now is "deu" and he holds one finger up. Super cute, I'll have to post a video of it. Here are some pictures of Jameson's "deu" birthday celebrations.

This pic is from the day of his birthday, he wasn't so cooperative, but he looks so GQ!
Maybe he wasn't so cooperative because he had to have lunch at the American Girl Bistro?

The day of his party, posing in a birthday gift sent from a fellow heart friend, baby Chase.

Emma and cousins Macey and Tucker having fun times in the pool.

Cousin Cambridge helping Jameson open his birthday gifts.

Eating his Thomas the Train cake, yum!
Opening more gifts.
Jameson's first Jack Hammer! So Cute!
Jameson's gift from Mommy, Daddy and Emma. Special thanks to Uncle Jerrod and Paw for their help!
Party number 2, playing basketball with Jack and Skylar.
Eating cake number 2, I guess he'll get 3 cakes next year!


  1. Laura Marie, He is growning like a weed. That first picture of him is a mini Jarrod I swear. I love the picture of him and Todd with the Jack Hammar he looks so excited and happy. Your family is beautiful. Jane

  2. Great swing set! And the birthday looked like a great time, I cannot believe he is getting so big!