Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chit-chattin Charlie

Jameson is becoming quite the "chit-chattin Charlie." He loves to pick up his telephone and say "ra ra ra ra." If he hears the front door open he says "da da da da." Ahh ohhh is definately his most favorite thing to say, even over ma ma : (, his cutest little mouth looks round like a baby bird when he gets to the ohhh, and his little nose looks even tinier!
Besides talking, he dances to his "fridge DJ" singing the alphabet song, and I promise, he was trying to sing it today! When you say "Jameson get your guns up," he puts his little guns in the air! I think we definately have a little Red Raider on our hands! Of course I get my kisses all of the time. He also likes to play peek a boo, here is a cute picture of that!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Getting Them All and Losing Them All

Tonight I pulled Emma's second tooth! Of course it was the usual drama, screaming, crying, and she was telling me, "I'm not going to give you a picture!" Anyways, I did get my picture, because after about 15 minutes of settling down, Emma was in front of the mirror, admiring her new toothless self. I'm sure your thinking, "why are you traumatizing her by pulling her teeth?" Well, first off, they both have been very loose, and second, her teeth are growing in behind, so it's like she has two sets of front bottom teeth, and finally, if you know Emma's personality at all, she is quite dramatic about everything (don't have a clue where in the world she gets it ; ) I must say I am quite proud that I can actually stomach pulling her teeth! So now I have my little girl losing all of her teeth, and Jameson is gaining a mouth full! It's so funny to see him smile cause there are so many teeth!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Bedtime Devotional

Last night Emma and I were laying in her bed, reading her bedtime devotional. The scripture was about God talking to Samuel, but since Samuel did not know God at the time, he didn't realize it was God talking and thought it was Eli. After reading the story, there were questions to answer. One in particular was 'What are some ways we still hear from God today?' Emma looked at me with big eyes and a questionable face and said bewildered, "I didn't hear God talk to me today!" She was so sincere and kinda scared, and of course I started laughing! The answer, of course, was through the bible and Holy Spirit, but I guess she thought she was going to be hearing God address her loudly while she was outside playing or something!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Random Act of Kindness

Today, Emma and I frosted and decorated homemade sugar cookies. They were little pumpkins with orange frosting and fall colored sprinkles. I was so proud of Emma because she suggested taking the cookies to our neighbors and to her school teacher. Of course, I was thinking about eating all of them! So we wrapped them up on cute Halloween plates and Emma delivered them to the neighbors on either side of us. She also wanted to take them her school picture, but we kinda "forgot" about that...although I'm sure that they would love a picture of Emma on their refrigerator : ) Seeing her initiate a random act of kindness and then actually follow through with it was so very special, it brought a big smile to my face as I'm sure it did our neighbors.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Big Orange Pumpkin Patch

Today Emma's Kindergarten class had a field trip at the Big Orange Pumpkin Patch. They had so much fun. Here is her class. Emma is on the far left.
Emma got to pick two of her most favorite Pumpkins!
And Jameson wasn't real crazy about the pumpkin pickin thing!
We had lunch, took a hayride, and Emma's most favorite part was feeding the animals...she pranced along making sure every goat, sheep and cow had been fed, telling them to "now wait your turn!" She acted very Cinderella-like while feeding was too cute.

Here is Emma and two friends from class.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's Gone!

I have been telling Emma for the past week to wiggle her tooth to get it nice and loose so we could pull it. So Saturday October 11th, after many tears and much screaming, (even Jameson was crying because Emma was) I yanked the first tiny tooth out of Emma's mouth. She was so dramatic at first, but after she calmed down she said, "I can't believe I cried, that didn't hurt at all. I wish I could lose all of my teeth. I really like the way I look with my tooth 'losed.'" The Tooth Fairy came that night and she was really excited about that too. I can't believe that first one is gone! It's kinda sad but exciting too!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chocolate Hot Dog

Flashback to June 2008. Emma, Jameson, my mom, and I were having lunch at La Madeline. After entering, we all stand around the display of pastries and puffs, deciding on our dessert before we even get to our lunch. I was going to have the fruit tart, mom was going to have the pecan tart...and after much deliberation, Emma says, matter of factly, "I'm going to have a chocolate hot dog." We see she is talking about the chocolate eclaire, and we start laughing. She is quite confused as to why we are laughing, but goes right along and laughs with us. Too cute.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Strong Bond

Emma and Jameson have always been really sweet to each other. Emma is patient and kind, (most of the time) sharing, and wants to love and kiss on him alot. Jameson's little face just lights up a room when he sees his big sister. I pick Emma up from school today, and as soon as she gets in the car she says, "where's Jameson? (joking around), where's my little baby brother?" Then she just reaches over and gives him the biggest hug and kiss. He responds with a big belly laugh (one of these days I will have it on here), which is exactly what she wants to hear. The ride home she holds his little hand, of course, after a while he gets aggravated and starts crying, but it is the sweetest thing to witness my kiddos being so sweet to each other. I know that in a few years, it won't be the case anymore!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Jameson got his second haircut today. He screamed, cried and snubbed the entire time...I felt horrible. I told the lady I wanted him to have a "spikey due" and that's definately what we is a picture after he calmed down, this is a good snapshot of his personality!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Lord's Prayer

This makes me so proud!

Pitcher or Hitter?

We all have dreams for our children, and I am no different. So the other day Jameson is screaming in his bed, during "naptime." I finally go to console him, and upon entering his room, I step on a pacifier...ahh ha!...a pitcher!, if he can throw a paci that far, he is going to be a pitcher! I proceed to get him out of his bed, to be greeted with a big WHAM to the face. This is a stage that has still not come to pass. So I conclude, a hitter, he is definately a hitter!