Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Strong Bond

Emma and Jameson have always been really sweet to each other. Emma is patient and kind, (most of the time) sharing, and wants to love and kiss on him alot. Jameson's little face just lights up a room when he sees his big sister. I pick Emma up from school today, and as soon as she gets in the car she says, "where's Jameson? (joking around), where's my little baby brother?" Then she just reaches over and gives him the biggest hug and kiss. He responds with a big belly laugh (one of these days I will have it on here), which is exactly what she wants to hear. The ride home she holds his little hand, of course, after a while he gets aggravated and starts crying, but it is the sweetest thing to witness my kiddos being so sweet to each other. I know that in a few years, it won't be the case anymore!

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  1. LM-They are too cute!! I love the stories and Pics!!!! Love, LFrye