Monday, October 20, 2008

Bedtime Devotional

Last night Emma and I were laying in her bed, reading her bedtime devotional. The scripture was about God talking to Samuel, but since Samuel did not know God at the time, he didn't realize it was God talking and thought it was Eli. After reading the story, there were questions to answer. One in particular was 'What are some ways we still hear from God today?' Emma looked at me with big eyes and a questionable face and said bewildered, "I didn't hear God talk to me today!" She was so sincere and kinda scared, and of course I started laughing! The answer, of course, was through the bible and Holy Spirit, but I guess she thought she was going to be hearing God address her loudly while she was outside playing or something!

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  1. Laura Marie, Nick and I look up to you and Todd so much! You are such awesome parents and look at the AMAZING kids you are raising! Wow!