Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chit-chattin Charlie

Jameson is becoming quite the "chit-chattin Charlie." He loves to pick up his telephone and say "ra ra ra ra." If he hears the front door open he says "da da da da." Ahh ohhh is definately his most favorite thing to say, even over ma ma : (, his cutest little mouth looks round like a baby bird when he gets to the ohhh, and his little nose looks even tinier!
Besides talking, he dances to his "fridge DJ" singing the alphabet song, and I promise, he was trying to sing it today! When you say "Jameson get your guns up," he puts his little guns in the air! I think we definately have a little Red Raider on our hands! Of course I get my kisses all of the time. He also likes to play peek a boo, here is a cute picture of that!

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