Monday, April 6, 2009

Starting Therapy

Today Jameson started physical therapy at Our Children's House at Baylor. He was literally blue in the face he hated it so much. The evaluation showed us that he is weak in his left leg. She seemed positive that since he is using his left hand good that it is not a neurological issue (a fear of mine since he had 3 seizures after his 1st surgery). He is very reluctant to use his left leg so she does want us to go see an orthopaedic specialist to rule out any bone, joint or muscle issues. Next week we are scheduled to start attending 30 minute sessions twice a week. It was very hard on both Jameson and me today. He didn't want her touching him, and she says she thinks it's a trust issue since he associates people in scrubs with pain. It just tears my heart apart that he is so frightened and untrusting. Please pray that 1) he will start to trust this therapist so that she can help him learn to walk. 2) He will allow me to work with him at home, he is so hard headed about this. 3) That there is no underlying cause as to why he doesn't like to use his left leg.

Two more prayer requests--Jameson has a runny nose and cough and it is making him miserable, so please pray for that to clear up. AND...there has been an outbreak of scabies at Emma's school and at the gym childcare where Jameson goes while I work out...I am FREAKING out because anyone who knows me knows I really HATE please pray that neither one of my children contract these yucky bugs!!!


  1. Thinking of you and your kiddos. Hope all is easy for you and goes well.
    <3 Vanessa Blutrich

  2. Hi Laura Marie, I will for sure be praying for Jameson and all the specific things about his therapy. I can only imagine how hard it is the first day, but I also imagine it will get better and better each time and he will learn to like and trust his therapist. Also I will pray about he kids and bugs . . I don't even know exactly what scabies is but I HATE bugs so I can only imagine it doesn't sound good!

  3. I know it is so hard to hear them cry and see that they are so upset about things like that...but I will be praying hard that he will start really enjoying the therapist and that he will start using his left ya and will also be paying about the scabies too...I am right there with you on that one girl!!

  4. Hey LM! I enjoy reading your blog so much and I always take time to pray for your family. I live just down the street from Jameson's therapy so if you want to get lunch and let the boys play one day just let me know! Can't wait to see you next week (I hope). Take care and good luck!


  5. Laura,
    I'll be praying the requests for your family.