Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter to all!!! What a great weekend our family has had. Friday we went to church for an extraordinary service and the Lord's Supper. Today we woke early to attend the 8 am service...I must say I am so very thankful for our church. Chuck Swindoll is such a powerful speaker, I have learned so much from him. Also, the people from our church have been so kind and helpful since we have had Jameson...I could just go on and on, we are so blessed.

Here are my precious angels in their matching Easter outfits.
Posing with the bunny ears.

I really thought this was hilarious. Poor Maddie reminds me of the dog on "the Grinch." He wore fake antlers so he would look like a reindeer...remember that? LOL

Jameson didn't do much hunting, but he did get a few and open them up. The Reese's eggs were by far his favorite.

Emma showing off her basket of eggs.


  1. What a special weekend! Happy Easter to you all! Love, Jamie

  2. Oh my gosh!!! They are too cute! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Easter outfits! I'm guessing those will be used for a special picture as well...
    Miss you guys, let's do lunch soon!