Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cardiology Appointment

Jameson had a heart appt thursday and everything went great...sats at 83, ekg great, echo great...probably his best appointment in my opinion, just because his sats were so great and he was very cooperative with everyone...goldfish were my secret that day.

Now we are going to start going every 6 months. I told Dr. Laird that next appt we would possibly be addressing the "dreaded" third surgery, BUT, she pretty much confirmed that unless Jameson shows us otherwise, that we will wait until he is 4 for that one...what a relief!!! So that's a major praise in my book!!! Thank you for your continued prayers! As Mi Mi stated, more time to pray for Jameson's complete healing! Amen to that one!

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  1. Praise God!!!!! Keep giving that little fella goldfish!!!