Saturday, January 24, 2009

She lost another!

Well, Emma lost her 3rd tooth last night! On January 2nd, she was drinking chocolate milk with a spoon, and somehow got the spoon caught in her teeth and really knocked the tooth loose. It was dangling there for a couple of weeks, and last night she was wrestling with her daddy at the Crews' house and went in to bite him (?) and it fell out! For the first time no tears were shed! She is looking so OLD!


  1. Laura-Marie! This is the Smiths... Nick's little sister's family. :) Just wanted to say that your children are such a blessing to our son every time we get together. Campbell loves sweet Emma and precious Jameson! They had a great time and were so fun to watch. We should do it again some time sister. Have a wonderful day and love the pic of the cutest little snaggel-tooth... Emma is so precious with her new missing teeth! Blessings to you, Todd, and the kiddos this week.
    ~Cara and The Smith Boys!