Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pray for these Families

Just wanted to let everyone know about these two families that are in desperate need of prayer.

The May family received news Monday that there is nothing further the doctors, nurses, etc, can do to keep Caleb alive. He is living on machines and medicines, he is in kidney failure, and has extensive brain damage. Ironically, his heart is doing well after having the Norwood procedure. I am uncertain of what has been done this far, but I know that his parents will be or already have made a decision unimaginable to all of us. It would be so kind of you to leave an encouraging word on his site.

Also, I am in shock because I just read Baby Maverick's blog and he died yesterday (Tuesday) morning. If you go to you can read about him and maybe leave an encouraging word for his family.

I realize this is so much to handle, but please pray for these families. Now that our family is a part of the CHD Community, it's not just about Jameson, but so many other little lives too. There are so many blessings involved and so many tears, I just never realized it would be this many tears.


  1. Oh Laura-Marie... I am so sorry to learn of this sad news. Your family and these precious families are in our prayers. I pray for God to rain down His perfect peace that surpasses all understanding over you and the May family and Baby Maverick's family at this very moment. I am so sorry and so sad. In His love sweet friend.

  2. You are so's not just about our little ones. My heart just breaks every time I hear these stories. I'm praying for Jameson today!!!

  3. That was wonderful. Hope all is well with everyone in your house. Have a dandy of a day.