Tuesday, February 10, 2009

7 Ways YOU Can Help

It is such a blessing to feel like you are contributing to benefit another. Today's subject is 7 ways you can help...pick one and see how great it will make you feel. The first one doesn't really count though cause it's too easy!

  1. Go to www.colgate.com/ShowTheLove and go to Dallas, and vote for Medical City, for a Children's fun center. You can do this once a day from you computer. Also, if you want to help, leave me a comment on this post if you know how to put in a word in instead of the whole address...I see a lot of people doing this and I am feeling very inadequate in my blogging skills.

  2. Donate Blood--I remember asking the nurse if she thought Jameson had any of his "original" blood that he was born with, and she said, "Probably not." Those donors, among others, gave J life.

  3. Volunteer--I'm not really sure what hoops you have to jump through to volunteer, but I remember a sweet lady came in while we were on the pediatric floor (this floor, YOU are responsible around the clock) and sat with J while he was napping, so I could go sit and have some lunch outside of the room. It was very nice.

  4. Donate Money--Crsti is dedicated to research for CHD. If you would rather donate your money to something YOU choose, instead of it all going to Uncle Sam, http://www.crsti.org/ is a place to visit, and I assure you your money will not be going to pay an executive's salary.

  5. Keep 'Em In--I'm guilty of giving Emma a dose of Tylenol to mask a fever, so I wouldn't miss a millionth day of work, or so I wouldn't feel guilty about missing church, or so I could get a workout in. Now I realize that was a major no no. I was putting other kids at risk, and I didn't even know their medical background. Keep this in mind, there are other kids with special needs who don't handle sickness well at all. And although their parents shelter them during the rsv/flu season, they DO like to get out during the other seasons!

  6. Encourage--It is so easy to send someone an e-mail to see how he/she is doing. Whatever method of communication you choose, this can make someone's day so much brighter.

  7. Pray, pray, pray--There are so many little hearts out there for you to pray for. Here are a few for you to start with, who need our urgent prayers.

Caleb May has HLHS like Jameson. He is very sick after his first surgery. Visit http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/calebmay. Pray for healing.

Baby Maverick is still very sick. Visit http://babymaverick.blogspot.com/. Pray for healing.

Baby Chase is doing very well, but has a sedated echo and check-up today. Visit http://ourfamily-henley.blogspot.com/. Pray for a great visit.

I'll end with a picture of my little miracle!

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  1. OK...I can't believe how big he is getting!! He is so precious.