Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Those Crazy Little Boys!

Oh my, I never knew there could be such a big difference between little girls and little boys. I was really convinced that if they receive the same parenting, they would act at least somewhat the same! WRONG! My little guy has really thrown me for a loop. He hits me in the face almost every time I pick him up, Emma tried that once, I have parented them the same. He throws his food on the ground and says Ahh OHHH, Emma never did that, and I never had to tell her NOT to! He throws his toys across the room and no matter how many times I get on to him, he still does it...Oh my, how I was wrong. I do believe consistency pays off, so I will continue to "try" to get him to obey me, but the whole deal is just baffling to me! I walked in his room after his morning nap and he had thrown everything out of his bed, including his underpants...how in the world did he get those off? I am not yet writing of the "diaper droppings" he used for wall art, but I am certain I will be in the near future. I have realized that even though I am the same parent, my kiddos are not the same!!! And each of their differences I love and treasure!


  1. I want to scoop that little punkin up off of the page!! He is adorable!! Just keep at him and know the Lord has weaved his personality persistant for a reason!!

    BTW..foot is still swollen but getting better everyday! Thank you!

  2. He's so sweet! Can't wait to see them Saturday!
    Love ya,

  3. Such a sweet picture! Yes...boys do things just because they are boys! We are in a gun phase now...Eli has never been around guns, never played video games with guns, etc., but he shoots everything and pretends everything is a gun. Fun times! : )

    Hugs - Laura Henley

  4. Ha! Laura Marie bless your heart, you are such a great parent, Jameson's must just trying to keep you guessing! Thanks for sharing your stories! Love, j

  5. Welcome to the wonderful world of boys! They wear you out...but hopefully they will think their moms hung the moon! Because....of course we do!